Project «Students’ Personalized Learning Model, Based on the Virtual Learning Environment of Intellectual Tutoring “Learning with No Limits”» (SMART-PL) (2023-2026)

Wider Objective:
Implement the European experience of student-centered learning, increase the role of students in ensuring the quality of higher education in Partner Countries, by introducing a model of personalized learning based on the virtual learning environment of Intellectual Tutoring “Learning with No Limits” and hybrid technologies.
This model will provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills at their own pace, assess their own achievements, help them personalize and adjust their academic curricula, targets and content to their individual needs, facilitate their learning motivation and thanks to hybrid learning technologies to fully involve students and teachers with disabilities in the educational process.

Specific Project Objectives:

  1. Enhance student’s motivation to learning through applying the by-the-learner approach and create conditions to meet students’ individual needs associated with differentiation and personalization of academic trajectories.
  2. Increase transparency and comprehensibility of education and assessment for students (including the results of non-formal education), reducing students’ anxiety as for their own professional expertise and forming their confidence to achieve efficient results.
  3. Create extra opportunities to get a higher education for people with disabilities and specific academic needs through inclusive education and the implemented model of personalized learning and hybrid technologies.
  4. Improve educational programs of universities by updating the process of formation of competencies and the distribution of program results of student learning between educational components; to improve the quality of teaching materials.
  5. Facilitate students’ mobility, including in virtual mode, on a university/country scale, inter-university/country levels, between academic sectors and forms of education (formal/informal/correspondence) by acknowledging and swapping grades/credits.
  6. Ensure a feedback on students’, teachers’ and administration’s efficiency.
  7. Enhance interaction of all the interested parties including employers, the community and controlling bodies (the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Agency of Quality Assurance for Higher Education) to create a flexible mechanism of adapting academic results to market changes and modern technologies.
  8. Provide the labour market with highly-qualified specialists endowed with competences aligned with high standards of the EU quality and employers’ current demands; create the continuous learning culture.

Work Packages:
WP 1. Project Management
WP 2. Development of methodological support for a model of personalized learning
WP 3. Development of the information-diagnostic online SMART platform based on the adaptation of an open-source virtual learning environment
WP 4. Organization of University Co-working Centres «Learning with No Limits» at the each partner university
WP 5. Practical approbation of the model of personalized learning and intellectual tutoring
WP 6 Quality Assurance
WP 7. Dissemination


  1. Tallinn University of Technology https://taltech.ee/en/
  2. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven https://www.kuleuven.be/english/about-kuleuven/
  3. Politechnika Wroclawska https://pwr.edu.pl/en/
  4. Ivan Franko National University of Lviv https://lnu.edu.ua/en/
  5. Kryvyi Rih National University http://www.knu.edu.ua/en/kryvyi-rih-national-unversity
  6. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University https://karazin.ua/en/
  7. Khmelnytskyi National University https://khmnu.edu.ua/en/
  8. Odessa Polytechnic National University https://op.edu.ua/en
  9. Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine https://ihed.org.ua/en/home/
  10. Kherson State University https://www.kspu.edu/default.aspx?lang=en
  11. The National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance https://en.naqa.gov.ua/



February 22-23, 2024
Training “Competency-based personalized learning and formative assessment in the system of higher education quality assurance”
Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine within the Project SMART-PL organized and conducted online training for the academic personal of the university – project partners.

Presentation of the Report
The team of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine presented to the partners of the SMART-PL Project the Report based on the results of the study “Benchmarking of the European and Ukrainian practice of applying a personalized approach to learning” (D 2.1)

SMART-PL kick-off meeting
Presentation of general information about the project
Presentations of the partners about their institutions
Details of the project plan, reporting and management modalities