On December 12, 2023, the research project “Development of universities in the context of post-war renovation: synergy of social and institutional transformations of higher education, science and economy”,

which is planned to be carried out by the Department of Social and Institutional Transformations in Higher Education in 2024-2025, was presented to a discussion by experts at the Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine.

The project leader Yu. Mielkov, Dr.Hab., Ph.D., presented the aim of the research, outlined its relevance and main tasks, as well as introduced the team of researchers and the expected results. Representatives of various institutions of higher education of Ukraine took part in the discussion, in particular, those from Ukrainian State University named after Mykhailo Drahomanov, Zaporizhzhia Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Kyiv University named after Boris Grinchenko, Institute of Psychology and Social Sciences of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian and Pedagogical Academy, National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, etc. They supported the research project, expertly evaluated the proposed tasks and directions of research, and also expressed interest in the expected scientific results.

The initiative to discuss research projects of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine with key stakeholders is regulated by the Institute’s policy, in particular by the Recommendations for improving the quality of academic research and its presentation approved by the Academic Council (protocol No. 10/1 dated August 31, 2023).