From German national policy to Fachhochschule des Mittelstands experience in implementing the third mission of universities

The study visit to the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands in Bielefeld (Germany) was organized in a blended format, which gave an opportunity for the larger part of representatives of the project teams to learn about the innovative experience of implementing the third mission of German universities for four days (October 16-19, 2023).
The program was full of visits to innovative locations and attendance in interactive workshops with inspired discussions between project team members.
Lemgo Campus impressed the visiting participants with a combination of vocational colleges, universities, manufacturing companies, and inventors. The modern buildings of the campus contain spaces for cooperation, innovation, acquisition of skills and abilities, tests, piloting of technologies, creativity, and self-realization.
The presented information on the concept of an open innovative city and initiatives of digital interaction of universities with civil society will be useful during the reconstruction of the industrial complex of Ukraine and now for the development of the country’s human capital and social cohesion.
As part of the workshop “City of Open Innovations” with the mentoring of Professor Rulf Treidel and Dr. Mirko Petersen, teams of Ukrainian universities, including online participants, received new ideas and insights for further developing the third mission of universities.
Upon return, the project teams will conduct a series of meetings with focus groups to determine how Ukrainian universities and their main stakeholders understand and are ready to develop the third mission of universities.