On December 26, 2023, a meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine was held in a mixed mode (both online and offline).

Before the start of the meeting, the director of the Institute Iryna Drach has awarded Yurii Skyba, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, with Honorary Diploma of the Laureate – «To the research leader of the author’s team of the monograph «Theoretical foundations and mechanisms of the development of the scientific and pedagogical potential of Ukrainian universities in the context of the expansion of institutional autonomy and under the conditions of martial law».
The following issues were considered during the session of the Academic Council:
– approving the decisions of the Institute’s attestation commission;
– approving the schedule for the attestation of research fellows of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine in 2024;
– approving the annotated and scientific reports based on the results of the research projects at the Institute;
– approving the application on opening at the Institute in 2024 a research on the problem of education development, which requires urgent consideration;
– reviewing the report on the state of academic and organizational work with post-graduate and doctoral students of the Institute in 2023;
– renewing the studies of postgraduate student K.E. Tyukhmenyova;
– recommending for the publication the analytical report «Social responsibility in higher education institutions of Ukraine: the results of a sociological survey»;
– making changes to the composition of the one-time specialized academic council DF 26.456.003 of the Institute of Higher Education of the NAES of Ukraine with the right to accept for consideration and conduct a one-time defense of the thesis by O.M. Gulko «Development of leadership qualities of students of higher education in the process of implementing student self-government»;
– reviewing the report on the work of the Institute’s Academic Council in 2023.
As a result of the consideration of these issues, the Academic Council of the Institute has made the corresponding decisions.